Dear Rosamunde Pilcher…

As I sit writing this note to you, my late mother’s copy of “Coming Home” lays waiting for me on the table. It must have been a very special book to her as she strategically placed 234 small post-it notes in it. (I just counted them.)

Mom’s copy of “Coming Home” with post-its

I have delayed reading it as her passing has caused me much sorrow, but now I feel as though the notes indicating her thoughts will be a way for her to speak to me in absentia – to know some of her innermost thoughts and to perhaps experience the flavor of Cornwall and the West Country from which her mother came.

I look forward to reading it now, but felt compelled to first try to find you and thank you for the joy my mother had when reading ALL of your books, but most especially this one. Mom was born in 1927 and I expect I will be able to crawl behind her eyes and see the world a little as she did for she, along with her sister, lived through the book’s time frame. It was her sister who first introduced her to “The Shell Seekers,” and they had many happy conversations about your books, as well as the other Cornwall chronicle, “Poldark.”

I have attached a photo of the book for I believe it will make you happy to know that you have so deeply affected the life of someone with your beautiful writing. Perhaps it is even similar to a book Mom would have wished to write (though she never tried).

I think my mother would have liked for me to do this, and that she and her sister are in heaven smiling.