Original Purpose

I’ve been bad.

I don’t mean that I’ve been ‘bad’ bad, only that in the nine months or so that I have had this blog I haven’t really achieved what I set out to do, and that is to enlighten people about what it is like to home care for an ailing parent or loved one.  I have learned so much in the past five years, and I really feel as though I have a lot of ‘down in the trenches’ wisdom to impart to others who may be traveling down this same road.


Mom in the 1980’s

So, I’ll start at the beginning, and pretend that you, Dear Reader, are sitting right here and have never met me or my mother.

Mom and I probably talked to one another several times a week, sometimes daily and sometimes many times a day, all through my life. She lived in a house about three miles from mine, and we shared (almost) everything, but especially insights and learning, and what others would call ‘metaphysical’ or philosophical topics. She, being a Christian Scientist as well as a voracious reader, and me, being somewhat of an ‘egghead’ myself, in our case meant that we didn’t talk about movie Continue reading