About this site

There are a lot of terrific sites devoted to the important role of caregiving of the elderly, and I owe my own personal success to the comments and advice that hundreds of anonymous people have generously posted on numerous websites.

With that in mind, the purpose of my blog is to synthesize what I have learned as a Natural Hygienist, alternative medicine researcher and loving daughter and mother.  My aim is to help those who, like me, are searching for non-medical palliative care solutions and products, and who wish to avoid the services of nursing homes and the use of medication.

In a sentence, I am advocating a natural aging process with an emphasis on living – and dying – at home in the care of one’s family.

2 thoughts on “About this site

    • Thank you for your comment, Nancy.
      I checked out your site (http://homecare4u.com) and I just love your approach to caregiving. I, myself, am of Polish / English descent, and aging in place is the way my father, grandparents (both sides) and their parents lived until they passed. I hope more people understand the value and rewards that they may reap from practicing a Euro/Eastern-Euro culture of care. Love that metaphor!!


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