About me

Hillary Volk

I am an advocate for holistic and natural health, which teaches the use of fundamental, simple and biologically sound methods of health and healing. I have been a student of Natural Hygiene for over 40 years and have delved deeply into traditional as well as modern methods of alleviating pain and suffering – both mental and physical.  In addition to having been a full-time caregiver, I am a writer and researcher on topics related to dementia and ADHD.

I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Business Writing, and honed my skills in the corporate world. But my first ‘love’ – my passion – is learning about the innate wisdom of our bodies and the wondrous ways that we can stay healthy aHillary 015nd engaged.

In the early 1980’s, I spent considerable time and energy learning about what was then referred to as hyperactivity, but is now called ADHD or ADD. I did my senior thesis on “Nutrition and Behavior” and was a pioneer spokesperson for diet as a tool for controlling behavior and promoting learning. My pamphlet, Food For Thought, was my first attempt to educate parents, teachers and others about the importance of proper consumption of nutrients to make positive changes in the individual’s life, at home and in school.

In 2014, I retired from Ernst & Young in order to care for my elderly mother who had been formally diagnosed with a memory disorder. Although I had been a part-time caregiver for years, the day-in-and-day-out connection with my mother enabled me to see that many of the things that I had learned about hyperactivity also applied to dementia. This got me excited enough to follow my ‘bliss’ once again and look to biochemistry, nutrition and alternate methods of managing behavior as it applies to the aged.

There was a reason for my passion. My mother, who passed peacefully at home in September 2016, was a Christian Scientist and refused all medical care (see the page: A little background…). Rather than this being a stumbling block, it was a liberating way of looking at things, and one that I share. Released from the daily pressure that most people encounter in today’s world of taking medication and going to the doctor, my mother and I were free to find out what worked for us. And what I have discovered is that we are not alone. There are many, many people who wish to avoid the classic road map whereby an elderly person is shuffled off to assisted living and subsequently to a nursing home until all the financial resources are depleted. Often this is because there is no other choice, but the point is that THERE SHOULD BE!

I am currently working on a book entitled, “Bread Madness,” which explains my findings in depth. I pour my enthusiasm into everything I do and I want to share my journey and my mother’s story. I recommend books, authors, websites and speakers the way others hand out prescriptions because educating people so that they may make their own informed decision is my mission.

Contact me at Hillary@thecaregiverscorner.com. I welcome your comments and emails.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you. I really appreciate your vote of confidence. I do feel as though I am on a mission – an important one – and not for personal gain, but to offer others a glimpse at an alternative way of caring for the elderly. It is certainly not a new way, but a traditional one brought back to life.


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