I just love those Piano Guys!

I just love ThePianoGuys….  In case you haven’t ever heard of them, they play all  kinds of music in all sorts of ways.  They play on the tops of mountains, in the Scottish Highlands, in ice caves, on the beach, in a fountain, near the seven wonders of the world. And they have so much fun!!

Watch as they give a concert for some elderly folks in a nursing home.  I started to tap my feet as I watched. Will you do that too?

This makes me wish I could play an instrument well enough to take my talents on the road to make others happy.

I was doing my taxes with their music in the background and I just HAD to stop and share!! Then I got caught up in watching some parrots nodding their heads in time to the music of Jungle Book.  It’s always good to have a laugh when filling out income tax forms.  😉

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