Mission: to change the culture

I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out this WordPress program, and after a few false starts (more than a few, actually), I managed to learn how to navigate around the dashboard.  The folks at WP are terrific – very helpful and nice.

In speaking with Nicola in WP support this morning, I was able to synthesize why I am so excited about starting this project.  I want to help to change our culture from a nursing home mentality to a caring-at-home one.  I enjoyed the film, Alive Inside the other night (mentioned in my first post “Music Therapy”), but it truly brought to light how things have changed from the days of our grandparents.

Let me tell you how my great-grandfather passed for I believe it is quite nice:

As my mother tells it, she was about seven and he, Alfred (aged 88), was sitting on the porch watching her roller skate.  After a bit he said he wasn’t feeling too well, and went inside to sit with his son.  They had a glass of Scotch whiskey together, and then my grandmother joined them.  “Hold my hand, Nancy,”  he said to her. Then, with his youngest son on the one side, and my grandmother on the other, he settled back onto the settee, looked into the distance and smiled.  And then he was gone.

Now, that’s how to do it.  I call it ‘popping off’ and i don’t mean it to sound flip or morbid, but I think that’s how most people would like to go.  We have to stop looking at advanced age with reluctance and dread – or turning away from it altogether.  Michael Rosatto-Bennett says in his film, Alive Inside, “We were made to age.”  We should face that fact and rather than regard it as a slippery slope downhill, look forward to the peace that can come after a long life of striving and caring for others.

Let’s take each day and be thankful for the good and the beautiful and be glad that wMom on the reboundere have this time with our loved ones.  Yes, it may be difficult at times, we may be moody, or uncertain, or downright angry now and again, but the bottom line is that we are doing a loving thing for a dear person who needs our help.

I told my mother we would listen to Handel’s Messiah later this weekend on the radio.  “Candles in the Fire?” she asked.

“Yes, Mom” I laughed.  I will always think of her answer from this day forward.


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